(Nederlands) Open Space Education, a new type of education I would like to bring to the market. Just like the Free School, Freinet and Montessori were new forms of educations in their time. Those new forms of education provided new insights in children and where their education should be build upon.

Open Space Education provides another, relatively new, insight into the needs of today’s children on who we have developed a coherent, complete and new educational system. This is because Open Space Education is suitable for every student.

This educational system helps the children prepare for their own adult life by providing them tools when needed. Unlike all other educational systems Open Space Education is a top-down system that results in working at your own inner pace, using your own learning method and your own measurement on how well you mastered the learning material.

This concept includes primary education, high school (secondary) education and a general bachelor’s degree programme. This education can be offered in the various current school buildings.

Throughout the menu experiences from students, apprentices and other stakeholders are available to read. It also shows why every pupil and stakeholders benefit from this organizational form

By placing your name here you can help me make this education available. By placing your name it indicates that you find this educational system an interesting concept and that you would like to see it available for every individual.

Do you have questions and/or comments, you can contact me through here. Would you like to request a businessplan (in Dutch), it is free of any obligation.

Willem Wind.

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